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Aqua One AquaReef 275 Cube

The  Aqua One AquaReef 275 Cube is a really nice cube aquarium which is really made for keeping Marine fish in although there would be nothing stopping you using it as a tropical fish tank.

Aqua One AquaReef 275The first thing that you’ll notice is the use of a wet dry trickle filter in the first section of the sump which is also a wierd sort of sloping trapezium shape. Although this could be used as a replacement for live rock we would highly recommend the use of live rock.

The  Aqua One AquaReef 275 Cube holds, that’s right you guessed it 275 litres of water. It’s got thick glass at 10mm all round, which is pretty good as most are 8mm. The return pump is rated at 3500L/hr and we would recommend placing some extra power heads within the aquarium its self to aid extra flow. Also included in the package is a lovely protein skimmer which hangs on to the side of the sump underneath the aquarium.

Lighting is dealt with via 4 24w T5 tubes each tube has got a reflector on the top side which is a nice finishing touch.

The cabinet is preassembled and is made from a non corrosive Alloy with plastic panels.

If you’re buying online then Expect to Pay around £699, which isn’t bad given all the equipment your been given and the super high quality of the aquarium.

Aqua One cube aquarium, 275 litres, lighting unit and stand


Reduced price Aqua One Reef Cube black glos fish tank 275 liter sump pump heater


complete marine aquarium set up Aqua One 275


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