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Aqua One AquaReef 400

The Aqua One AquaReef 400 is an all in one ready to roll marine reef aquarium. You might know the name AquaOne better from the tropical fish tanks that they make in abundance. But this is pretty new for them and buts them in a prime position to compete with Red Sea Max.

Aqua One AquaReef 400 & CabinetThe new Aqua One AquaReef range is ideal for the new marine fish keeper or the experienced. These are pretty new so finding them is pretty hard, but we’ve seen them and they are really well made and have an excellent finish to them.  It holds 400 litres of water which is more than ample for most hobbyists.

They are pretty well spec’d out to, they come with a sump under the aquarium, and this comes with circulation pump, filtration media, heater x2 (200w) and protein skimmer.

Tank Dimensions: 132cm wide x 52cm deep x 73cm high , Glass Thickness: 10mm

Cabinet Dimensions: 132cm wide x 52cm deep x 88cm high

Everything comes pre built and ready to go so all you need is Water, Rock and of course fish.

Now the thing that seems bad is the price £1049,99, although the one we saw was just under the £1000 mark. Ok so its expensive but your betting allot of equipment, almost a  pro setup as there’s no rear chamber filtration since its all dealt with via the sump. making it easy for your to add extra items and upgrade yours.

Actually we’ve lied its pretty cheap considering that a Red Sea Max 250 will set you back £1299, and it doesn’t even come wit a sump. AquaOne have been clever here and have out priced Red Sea Max hoping to take there place in the market.

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Aqua one Aquareef 400




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