What makes the Aquastyle 850 really pleasing to look at is that front to side viewing seamless as it's made from one piece of curved glass giving you un restricted viewing and no sealant holding three pieces of glass together like you get in other aquariums.

Another great feature that many of the Aqua One aquariums have is the wet / dry filter built into the hood meaning no internal filter within the aquarium. The filter comes supplied with two carbon and filter wool pads, two sponge pads and ceramic noodles. All of these items can be purchased separately when they need renewing, but its a good idea to have a spare set to hand, in case your local supplier doesn't have any in stock. There's also a 1000 LPH pump which provides the in hood filter with water.

Lighting is provided by three tubes 2 x 25w, 1 x 20w all with reflectors.

Although the name might say 850 its not actually 850 in capacity its only 165 litres in capacity. The Aquastyle 850 has the following dimensions length 84cm x width 44cm x height 58cm.

The Aqua One Aquastyle 850 is an ideal aquarium for all types of fish keeping.

The Aquastyle 850 can be picked up online for around £300. An alternative to this aquarium would be the Fluval Roma 200. Which holds slightly more water at 200 litres over the Aquastyle 850's 165 litres, and the price remains the same at just below £300

Aqua One - Aquastyle 850 bow curved glass Aquarium Fish Tank 165 L Pet aquarium




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