A classic if ever we've seen on the Aqua One Evo 70, is slightly confusing in the name as it holds a volume of 135 litres of water. Unlike like the Juwel range that are named 180, 240 and 400 as that's how many litres of water they hold.

The Aqua One Evo 70 could really be used for any type of fish keeping from Marine to coldwater although your Goldfish might seem a little lost on its own. There's no internal filter on this aquarium, panic not though as it comes complete with external canister filter the Aquis Advance 750. Lighting is provided by 2 T5 tubes at 24w each.
Aqua One Evo 70 beech
This is a ready to roll tropical setup, although for a basic marine setup you would be ok, without heavy stocking and extra equipment.

These Aqua One aquariums do look really stylish and are really well made with no cost spared which is probably reflected in the price, which is usually around £299 including the stand.

Its a really good thought to keep the Fitleration out of the aquarium giving you more room inside, but then you always run the risk of water leakages so its a double edged sword in our mind.

Tank Dimensions length 70cm x width 40cm x height 55cm. The cabinet is 76cm in height so this would make a total height of 131cm.

If you wanted to say a little cash then you could always look at the Juwel Rio 125 range which are around £50 cheaper at £250. Or even the Fluval Roma 125s at just under £200