Aqua One does a whole range of aquariums enough to suit everyone in the fishkeeping world. The Aqua One Ufo 550 corner aquarium only hold 78 litres of water but this is ideal if a Juwel Aquarium Trigon 190 is too big for your corner but your restricted to a corner style aquarium.

The Aqua One Ufo 550 has a built in filtration system in the hood, this means there’s no need for ugly internal filters or external filters within the cabinet underneath.  The Ufo 550 is ideal for tropical and coldwater fish. You could of course keep smaller marine fish but you would be really limited to fish number and choice.

Lighting is done via 2 PL lamps at 11w each the aquarium dimensions are 55.5cm x 62cm x 55.5cm55.5cm x 62cm x 55.5cm.

Aqua One Ufo 550The Aqua One Ufo 550 comes in a choice of two colours Silver and Black. With this aquarium the price usually includes the stand but do check before purchasing. The cheapest we have seen it online is £189 and ranging right up to £270

The Aqua One Ufo 550 could be classed as a Nano aquarium due to its smaller literage. There aren’t many small corner aquariums on the market so this could be one of your few choices





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