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The Aqua Start 900 is the largest version of the AquaStart range. It holds 165 litres of water and has an energy saving splash proof lighting system. It is built into a cabinet, which is perfect for setting the aquarium scene within a room. The tank comes with all the spares and consumables needed to set up straight away. These include the starter pack of flake food, optional heater, water conditioner, thermometer and net. The internal volume of the fish tank allows for you to comfortably put plants, gravel and ornaments inside, without it looking crowded.

Best Bits

It holds the largest volume of water at 165 litres for the lowest price, and has an under gravel filter included. The bow front also allows for a clearer view of the fish inside. The lid allows easy access and all the parts come together so that you can start right away without having to buy anything extra.

Bad Bits

It does take up a lot of space, but at least it does it with style.

The Final Score

Ten out of ten for usability and style. The bow fronted glass gives a better viewing angle of the fish and makes the whole tank look less stale. The over all quality of the fish tank and cabinet are good when compared to fish tanks of a similar size.

Key Facts

It comes with an internal filter and the front is bowed glass. It has an internal filter and two compact anti splash lights, which are energy saving bulbs. The fish tank is built into the classy and chunky cabinet and the hood is hinged for easy access. The filtration system can be set up so that it is an under the gravel system, so that all the horrible nasty stuff that falls to the bottom can be cleared away so that you do not have to clean it out as often. The lights are not too bright so as to distress the fish, but they are also not so dim that they make it look murky. They have struck a good balance. The fish tank sizes are 40cm x 90cm x 58 cm. The cabinet size is 40cm x 90cm x 76m. The energy saving bulbs are 36w, the filtration system is a Moray 700, and the glass on the tank is 10mm thick. The design of the tank compliments the cabinet and they both come together to form a sleek unit, which does not draw attention away from the fish tank, or the marine life within.