Back to the 80's with this fish tank. You hardley ever see Hexagonal fish tanks any more which is a shame since they look rather nice and pretty different in the world of biOrb and Fluval Edges.
Hexagon Aquarium By Aquael
The Aquael Hexagon could be classed as a tropical fish tank as it is suitable for Tropical fish keeping and all you would need is a £20 heater to go inside. You could youse this more marine fish keeping if your after a challenge, but you're going to be limited on fish numbers and your going to have to keep pretty small fish such as Clown Gobies. It holds 53 litres of water.

This is a lovely aquarium and well put together which is reflected in the price.

If your looking to buy a Aquael Hexagon then your looking at around £95 with out a stand. the Aquael Hexagon comes with some flourescent lighting with is fine for tropical and coldwater fish keeping.