The Aquael ReefMax Nano Reef is  a direct competitor for the D-D 24g Nano Cube, Kent Marine Bio Reef and the Betta Lifespace Nano Reef. We would of included the Red Sea Max 130d in this list but due to its cost almost double that of the above aquariums we felt it was viable to leave it out.

Most of the Nano reef aquariums that we have mentioned can be bought for around the £300 mark give or take £50 and in honest the majority of them all come packed with equipment. So it is pretty hard to choose between any of them, so either go with personal preference, or if your buying second hand then look at the price more closely. The Aquael ReefMax Nano Reef can be picked up for £339 at its cheapest (without a cabinet) but over £400 with a cabinet. so shopping around helps on this aquarium.

The Aquael ReefMax Nano Reef holds 105 litres of water but the actual main aquarium only holds around 80 litres so bare this in mind as this will be even lower once you've placed live rock inside.

Lighting is covered via 3 x T5 tubes which are all 24w and some Blues LED's for night viewing. Five fans provide cooling for the lighting otherwise it could get rather hot, leading to rises in water temperature. The lighting system also has a built in timer which is great for automation.

Aquael ReefMax Nano ReefThe official blurb states that the trickle filter is the biological filter, which may lead you into thinking you won't need live rock but we advice that Live rock is still placed inside the main aquarium . There's also a protein skimmer in the rear filtration system or Water Treatment Centre as Aquael call it.

Dimensions: 60 x 45 x 40cm/24 x 16 x 18”

Water movement in the main tank is pretty minimal so we would recommend putting a powerhead in to get some good water movement. for a good brand your probably looking at £40, or you could opt for cheap and cheerful which would be at least half that.

This Aquael ReefMax Nano really is ready to go but we would say that the press pictures so a Yellow Tang on the box and varying breed of clown fish. We wouldn't recommend keeping a Yellow Tang in such a small aquarium and only sticking too one bread of clown fish probably a common.