The Aqualampe Aquarium is actually made by Aqualantis so don’t worry about the quality of the Aqualampe Aquarium as it will be second to none if it is finished to the usual high quality that we have become familiar with from Aqualantis due to their 35 years in manufacturing aquariums.
Aqualampe Aquarium
There’s a few places that are selling the Aqualampe online but there’s quite a price difference one selling for around £111 and the other for £65. So if your our purchasing online make sure you choose the right online retailer.

The Aqualampe has a capacity of 20 litres so it might be OK for goldfish, but you might be better looking at other coldwater fish or tropical fish that aren’t as fussy about the temperature.

Your AqualantisAqualampe is supplied with a small internal filter, condensation trays and a light bulb.

If your looking for an aquarium then the AqualantisAqualampe really is something that has that unique feel to it and is a the cutting edge of designer aquariums, the only thing that might rival it would be a picture frame aquarium.