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The AquaReef range from Aqua One is new for 2011 and is aimed at people wanting to start in the marine fish keeping hobby.

There are only a few models in the aquareef range the Aquareef 300 and 400 which both have a sump underneath the aquarium its self and the aquareef 200 which has its filtration at the rear of the tank.

The Aqua One AquaReef range is going to be competing directly against the Red Sea Max aquariums, which makes for a hard sell, but these aquariums are better equipped.

Aquareef 275


AquaReef 400 Black Marine Fish Tank 130cm 400L Aqarium LED Lighting, Pipework


Aqua one Aquareef 400


Evolution Aqua Reef 900s (EAReef 900) marine aqaurium, tank, cabinet and sump


AquaReef Marine Reef 400 White Fish Tank and Cabinet 130cm 400L LED Sump


AquaReef 300 White Fish Tank 100cm 300L LED Lighting, Pipework and Flaps


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