The Aquatlantis Aqua Cubic Nano is following on along the lines of the TMC MicroHabitat 15. We'd call it a a designer aquarium as well as its constructed from float glass which has polished edges.

Aquatlantis Aqua Cubic NanoFiltration is done in three stages Mechanical, Biological and chemical. this is all handled by the Mini BioBox 2 filter at the rear and uses only 1.2 watts of electricity, Lighting is done by 16 LED's .

Although the aquarium is called a Nano its more than likely a large Pico tank over a small nano aquarium.

You can keep coldwater and tropical fish in the Aquatlantis Aqua Cubic Nano but for the later you will of course need a heater something like 15 watt would be suitable. you would be able to keep 2 or 3 small tropical fish in here but again it might be slightly to small for gold fish as they grow quickly and are quite messy.

The Aquatlantis Aqua Cubic Nano is slightly cheaper than the TMC MicroHabitat 15 at £85 but you cant really keep marine fish in this as standard.

This really is a nice aquarium and would suit anyone's house and budget at such a low price. the only things that's missing is some protection to go over the top of the fish tank as fish can easily jump out and little finger can easily go in.

Tank Dimensions: 32 x 25.5 x 55 cm (WxDxH) - Including lamp support