Getting any information on Aquatlantis Evasion Horizon 75 seems to be pretty hard and buying them from your local fish shop might be even harder. They are available from STM and Rocket online.
Aquatlantis Evasion Horizon 75
The Aquatlantis Evasion Horizon 75 is classed as a nano aquarium as it holds 75 litres of salt water. They do look really nice as the top and bottom of the aquarium is covered with anodised aluminium.

The lighting is provided by 2 24w T5 tubes which seem a little under powered as the D-D 24G uses 2x36watt light bulbs. The poor lighting might mean that keeping corals in your new nano aquarium could be a problem due to the poor lighting. You also get a Saltwater Bio Box filter which comes complete with pump and a protein skimmer.

You can choose  from 8 colours for your new Aquatlantis Evasion Horizon 75 aquarium and the stand. Theres a neat trap door in the lid for feeding.

If your looking to buy an Aquatlantis Evasion Horizon 75 then your going to be forking out around £379.00. In our opinion you would be better looking at the Orca TL-550 Nano Reef Aquarium, which is slightly cheaper at £320 and has a higher water capacity at 128 litres, and is only slightly bigger in width and length. A nice looking nano aquarium but to expensive for what you get.

Tank Diemensions 42 x 48 x 50 cm  Stand Diemensons 47 x 50 x 100 cm