Aquarium plants are an attractive addition to any fish tank or aquarium, making a decorative environment for your fish and aquatic pets to swim around in. As well as looking good, aquarium plants can have many practical functions as well.

Aquarium plants can be a source of food in some cases. Some species of fish will eat the aquarium plants or will consume the algae from the leaves. It's important to select the right kind of aquarium plants to suit your fish. If you have larger fish you may wish to choose tougher-leaved aquarium plants.

If you have fish that come naturally from an environment that has a lot of vegetation, aquarium plants will have a positive effect on their well-being and increase their activity, making for a lively, healthy and interesting aquarium.

Aquarium plants can act as a filter and are good at absorbing pollutants. By using aquarium plants, you can reduce the nitrate levels in the water, creating a healthier environment for the fish. If you use tap water in your aquarium, the water will probably contain metal compounds which can damage the fish over time. Aquarium plants will absorb these compounds, making the water safer.

Artificial aquarium plants can also benefit your fish. Plastic aquarium plants are made from materials that are safe and non-toxic for your pets and will provide them with a hiding place.

Artificial aquarium plants are much easier to care for than live ones, requiring no lighting equipment. Artificial aquarium plants will not decay and are very easy to clean. If you have fish that are prone to eating or digging up their plants, silk or plastic aquarium plants are an excellent alternative.

Whether you choose to use live or artificial aquarium plants is down to the type of fish you keep, how experienced you are with keeping them, and your personal preference. Both kinds of aquarium plants provide many benefits for your fish.

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