The Betta Lifespace Nano Reef Aquarium is another ready to go mini reef or nano aquarium. For the aquarium and stand your looking at paying around £250 which is just cheaper than the Kent Marine Bio Reef.

All the under £300 nano Aquariums seem to hold around 90 -94 litres, the Betta Lifespace Nano holds 90, and it comes with everything you need like lighting heating pumps and filtration.

Lighting is provided by 2 x 24w PL Bulbs which are 10000k and 3 blue LED's. Filtration is dealt with via a protein skimmer with in built UV steraliser. Also there is the standard 3 rear chambers. 2 fans are built in to the lid to keep the lighting cool.

The Mutli stop lid is ideal as it allows for varying degrees of access to the Betta Lifespace Nano Reef.

This is an ideal Nano aquariums for beginners and professional a like. yes you'll be limited to the types and amounts of fish you can keep but that should stop you getting a foothold in the marine fish keeping hobby.

Aquarium dimensions :45 W X 49D X 40H (51 HIGH INCLUDING HOOD)

Don't let the name put you off as Betta have a reputation for making great aquariums, checkout the Betta Lifespace 1300