This is a great fusion of style and sophistication. The post modern design will fit really well in rooms where style is the key. This is not your ordinary fish bowl. It is ideal for keeping smaller fish and shrimps, and yet is compact enough to fit on most surfaces, including your desk. It is available in black or white, and holds thirty litres of water.

Best Bits

The post modern design is something a bit different and not the sort of thing you see everywhere, so it will make a nice change and is not the usual run of the mill. They have also made it more of a square design, because even though a round bowl is pretty, it is often difficult to find a place for it, where as the more square shaped tank is easier to place around the home.

Bad Bits

It is only small, so you should really only keep very small fish and shrimp in it. It would be cruel to keep a gold fish in a bowl that can only hold 30 litres.

The Final Score

Six out of ten. The biggest fault is that it is so small that it seems cruel to keep anything other than plants in it, but it does win points for design, and it is something you will not often see on your travels.

Key Facts

Its dimensions are Height 39cm x Width 26cm x Depth 37.5cm. Its weight when empty is pretty light at 5.45kg, and is 35kg when full. Don’t forget that this one only holds 30 litres of water. The biOrb Flow 30 Aquarium comes with a 12v LED light and 900g of ceramic media. It comes with an air stone and a filter Cartridge. You also get the 12v transformer and the low voltage air pump. As for consumables, you also get the water conditioner and beneficial bacteria liquid and some fish food so you can start straight away. They also provide full instructions.

The transformer is 12volts and has a connection for the pump and the light, all with a 12 month guarantee. The 12V Air Pump is a quiet operator and has a 1.5m air line with 1-way valve. The power cable is 1 metre long. The 12 volt LED light has a low voltage and low power consumption. The biOrb heater pack is a 50W mains voltage heater, and comes with a heater stand and a glass thermometer