The biOrb Life 60, is the largest in the biOrb Life range, these are truly one of the nicest designer aquariums that we've seen in a long time but your going to pay the price for the looks, £240 is what your going to be shelling out for one of these.

BiOrb Life 60If your looking to make your aquarium the centerpiece to your room then this is the aquarium for you. They come in three vibrant colours Red, White and Black. As standard they come as a coldwater setup, but you can buy a heater pack for around £20 which will make it suitable for keeping tropical fish.

If your looking for a challenge then you can always keep a small marine setup in your BiOrb Life 60, but this would only be recommended for people who have experience if keeping marine fish.

The BiOrb Life 60 is made entirely out of acrylic

BiOrb Life 60 dimensions 62 x 42 x 28cm.