The BiUbe Pure Aquarium retails at the an entery price of around £85, but this is for the cold water option with a light only. If your wanting to keep tropical fish then its just short of the £100 mark with a heater. You also have the option of an LED Light over the standard Halogen, for an extra £3.

If you don't like the clear BiUbe Pure, then it is available with a blue tint, but there is a premium to pay for this.
The BiUbe Pure Aquarium is made from strong crystal clear acrylic which is 10x strong than the glass equivalent. The total capacity of the BiUbe Pure Aquarium is 35 litres so although its market as suitable for marine fish keeping, your going to have to keep on top of it if your looking at keeping marines and your not going to get a whole lot of fish in.
Tropicals are probably the best route to go down with the BiUbe Pure. also the BiUbe Pure has less visual distortion over a biOrb as there is less curvature of the tank.
In the box you'll get:
• Biube Pure aquarium
• Biorb Intelligent LED light (Depandant on your lighting choice)
• Ceramic media
• 1 Standard freshwater filter cartridge – (biorb service kit)
• Low-voltage Air Pump
• 12v Transformer
• Tap water conditioner and Beneficial Bacteria liquid
• Printed documentation
Tank Dimensions
• height: 18 inches
• Width: 14.5 inches
• Depth: 14.5 inches
• Weight (empty): 14 pounds (1 kg)
• Weight (full): 84 pounds (31Kg)