The Classica Aquacurve 50L Bowfront is pretty much an empty aquarium which can be used for any type of fish keeping, although it’s on the small side for marines. There are joints on the front of the aquarium since it has radiussed corners.
Classica Aquacurve 50L Bowfront
It comes with Aqua-Brite  LED mounting points in the hood for extra moon lighting. The main lighting is provided by a natural day light tube.

You get a heater, Thermometer and PowerBio Filter and lighting. The Classica Aquacurve 50L comes in two colours Black and Silver. There is also a matching stand range to accompany the Aquarium.

Tank Dimensions : H 39 D 41 L 51 (cm)

These are ideal aquariums for beginners and people that are looking for another small nano sized aquarium. The Classica Aquacurve can be bought for aroud £115 online, but this is without a cabinet.

If your looking for an aquarium around this size then you might want to try vivisting your local pet shop such as Pets at Home as they often have deals on for around the same price, which would more than likely see you with a complete setup including thte stand / cabinet

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