Here's another lovely designer aquarium to come out of China. Styled in a similar fahion to the SunSun Aquariums with a bezel fully surrounding the edges of the aquarium, it really makes the Cleair Atlantic 630 stand out from a crowd.

There's not much on the Internet about Cleair aquariums so info is a little sparse, and their website currently doesn't work. So I've had to do some digging and had a big help from Shirley Aquatics for Specs and Pictures.

The Cleair Atlantic 630 is as suggested in the name a 630 litre aquarium which is really only suite for keeping marine fish in. Coming in at just under £2000 these aren't cheap aquariums but the quality really speaks volumes.
To the corners of the aquarium there are Aluminium struts and polished black acrylic all round, with a blue vinyl back to the aquarium its self.

Underneath the aquarium there is a 80 litre sump with 3 chambers but there's plenty of extra space underneath for items like Protein Skimmers and Reactors. Some Filter pads are included but most marine fis keepers will already have in their mind whether they are going with a DSB (Deep Sand Bed) or Refu for Cheato. The only thing thats missing from the sump is a return pump which is a shame as the new Aqua One AquaReefs have these included, so here's at least another £100 if your looking for a trusty pump such as a Eheim Compact 5000. Also your going to need heaters as these aren't included, for an aquarium this size your going to want to be looking at 400w heaters which are around £30. It would be good practise to purchase 2 heaters as you will be reducing the load by half. so Your already looking just under £200 extra if your purchasing everything nw or just getting into the Marine fish keeping hobby.

Lighting is dealt with via 4 low energy T5s, the system will accept standard T5s. The arcadia eco aqua LEDs do fit perfectly in these systems either as replacements or additions. In time though with an aquarium this size you would probably upgrade to Metal Halide Lighting for a more vivid coloration.

Again similar to the SunSun Aquariums the Cleair Atlantic 630 has a built in controller, allowing you to alter lighting and up to 2 circulation pumps and one extra device. The back lit blue display shows date, time, room temp and aquarium temp. This is a lovely finish and something that we see been incorporated in more aquariums in the future

Aquarium dimensions: (LxWxH) 150cm x 61cm x 82cm
Cabinet dimensions: (LxWxH) 150cm x 61cm x 78cm

Its not often that you see big capacity aquariums like this that are loosely speaking ready to go. Only a few years back you'd be looking at a custom build  or a DIY project. So maybe the cost is justified here given your only going to need a few items extra.

Overall if your looking for minimal fuss and a nice big capcity aquarium, you've found it. We've even got a great little video below showing you all round the aquarium.