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D-D 24g Nano Cube Aquarium

The D-D 24g Nano Cube aquarium is a nano reef, so its only suitable for marine fish keeping.

D-D 24g Nano Cube AquariumTried and tested the D-D 24g Nano Cube first showed up on the marketplace in 2006, but just because its over 5 years old don’t think that this old aquarium is been thrown on the scrap pile. You can buy a replacement lid with LED lighting for around £550, which does seem a lot but you won’t need to replace any bulbs for 10 years. Here’s what D-D say about the new LED upgrade

“Our high intensity LED illumination system delivers the power of halides and the broad coverage of T5 lighting with over 10x the lifespan. It requires less energy consumption, is cool running and offers beautiful shimmering light while being eco-friendly.”

As standard the fish tank is lit by 2 36w blue/white 50:50 bulbs and 2 switchable blue LED moonlights. Replacement bulbs are around £20.

At The rear of the tank there is the inbuilt 3 stage filtration system, as the D-D 24g Nano Cube Aquarium has been around for quite a while varying marine fish keepers have altered the standard setup.

D-D 24g Nano Cube CANOPYRunning a TMC SNano skimmer in the first compartment, a refuge in the 2nd chamber with Cheato in with the heater. and then upgraded the stock return pump to a maxi-jet 1200 giving more umph.

This is a great aquarium for people looking to start marine fish keeping. The tank comes with little equipment wise, with just a stock 900lph return pump. But there are so many option and upgrades for this nano aquarium that it makes it hard to pass up.

It holds just short of 110 litres or 24 gallons, so its ideal for a pair of common clowns. you’ll probably need around 10/13kg of live rock.

You can often find the D-D 24g Nano Cube Aquarium on ebay for around £150/ £200 as a full setup.

Tank dimensions 18”x19.6”x19.7”(LxWxH)

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