The Fluval Studio 600 is a really nice 125 litre tropical fish tank, although you could use it as a marine or cold water fish tank.

Fluval make some really nice aquariums you might know them better from the Fluval Edge and you could pretty much say that they are designer as they aren’t the standard sort of box that you’d expect to get.

Fluval Studio 600The Fluval Studio 600 really does come with everything you need to get up and running in the world of fish keeping, it comes complete with a T5 lighting system, 150w heater and of course an excellent Fluval 205 external filter.

If your looking for a Fluval Studio 600 in your local fish shop then you’re in for a suprise, as the Fluval Studio 600 is pretty new and it hasn’t really been seen in the UK market place except for online from the usual varying retailers.

Expect to pay just sort of £400 for the Fluval Studio 600, which does seem a little steep for a tropical fish tank that holds 125 litres. But it does come with a good set of equipment and its a lovely looking aquarium.

Some other good alternatives are the Juwel Rio 180 & the biOrb 105 litre