The Fluval Studio 900 is the bigger brother to the Fluval Studio 600. What are the differences between the 900 and 600 we here you ask.
1 Price : The Fluval Studio 900 retails for just under £500 compared to the Fluval Studio 600 which is just under £400.
2: Litre-age : he 900 holds 180 litres of water compared to 120 litres capacity of the Fluval Studio 600.

Fluval Studio 900Fluval really seem to to have a knack for producing nice designer aquariums, everyone's seen the Fluval Edge right !

The Fluval Studio 900 comes complete with a 200w heater and external Fuval 205 filter + media. Lighting is provided by the three T5 tubes (Fluval GLO T5, Power Glo T5 Fluorescent Bulb High Output 39w, One Life Glo T5 Fluorescent Bulb High Output 39w).

As a nice finishing touch you also get a few other little items; An LCD thermometer, Nutrafin Aqua Plus water conditioner, Nutrafin Cycle, Nutrafin Tropical Flake food, Fluval Aquarium Care Guide.

Tank: 94cm x 46cm x 55cm high (lighting extra height)
Cabinet: 94cm x 46cm x 80cm high

This is a really nice and well built aquarium which is finished to the usual high Fluval standards. But there are other aquariums out there that are cheaper and just as nice.
The Fluval Osaka 155 is just under £300 online and has a slightly lower water capacity at 155 litres, but it is £200 cheaper. Also for a similar price you could get a Juwel Rio 180, commonly available at just under £300 and it holds 180 litres of water matching that of the Fluval Studio 900, but it's looks are different to that of the 900.