Here's a great corner aquarium from the world renowned Fluval, everyone will have heard of Fluval or have seen the ever popular Fluval Edge on display in their local fish shop or pet store. Anyway here is the Fluval Venezia 190 aptly name 190 as it holds 190 litres.

Fluval Venezia 190The Fluval Venezia 190 is suitable for any type of fish keeping from Marine and Coldwater fish to Tropical. With this aquarium you can easily keep a nice marine aquarium if your looking for some nicer more decorative fish which will Wow people when they see your tank , but if your looking for a slightly easier trip then Tropical fish are probably for you.

Whats unique about the Fluval Venezia 190 is the fact that the aquarium base is pre drilled allowing for connection of the Fluval external filter. this keeps it out of sight and out of the way. The aquarium comes supplied with said external filter which is a Fluval 205 External Filter, which usually retail for around £60.

The Fluval Venezia 190 stand is pretty easy to put together but one thing that it lacks is internal shelving for stuff like food and test kits which is bit of a shame as they come in pretty handy.

Lighting is provided by 1x Power Glo T5 Fluorescent Bulb High Output 24w 61cm (24in) 1x Life Glo T5 Fluorescent Bulb High Output 24w 61cm (24in). also you'll get a 200w heater which is also Fluval branded.

Aquarium measurements: 98cm L x 70cm W x 58cm H Cabinet Measurements: 98 cm L x 70 cm W x 72 cm H Overall Height of Aquarium and Cabinet 136cm

Your going to be looking at £440 to buy the Fluval Venezia 190 and cabinet, which seems expesinve but corner aquariums are always more expensive as a rule of thumb, as an alternative you could always look at the Juwel Trigon 190 which can be picked up online for £330 which is a £100 saving over a Fluval Venezia 190.

So if your looking at marine fish keeping opt for the Juwel Trigon 190 and use the savings for other items like Liverock and salt. In Honesty there's no reason why you should choose the Fluval Venezia 190 over a Juwel Trigon 190. If your going to use this as a tropical fish tank then the £100 saving will easily get you up and running.