The Hagen Elite Aquariums are ideal for people that are looking for a small fish tank to keep the odd small tropical fish or people looking to buy for their kids that are interested in starting in the fish keeping hobby.

The Elite Style 35 aquarium comes with everyuthing that you need to start keeping tropical fish. In the box you will get the following,

Hagen Elite Style 35

  • Sun-glow fluorescent bulb - 14W
  • Elite Stingray filter
  • Elite 50W heater
  • LCD Thermometer
  • Marina Plant Rock
  • Nurafin AquaPlus – 30ML
  • Nurafin Max complete flake food - 12g
  • Aquarium guide

The Hagen Elite Style 35, holds 35 litres of water so even if you wanted this as an upgrade you could keep your gold fish in this and just remove / don’t use the 50w heater that is supplied with this set. It comes with a silver finish and costs around £69 which isnt bad as you get everything you need to start keeping tropical fish.

You can also buy a stand for your Hagen Elite Style 35 fish tnaks if you have no where to put it. The stand will set you back £40 though, although it does look rather stylish.

Tank Measures 50 x 25 x 30cm high, this is soley for the tank which doesnt include the height of the hood.

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