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Juwel Aquariums are a modern classic and they’ll never lose their appeal to the fish keeper. Juwel Aquariums may not be ground breaking design wise or come with every piece of equipment that you need but they have the basics and that all you need from your Juwel aquarium. They are well built and have a great reputation with fish keepers worldwide.

Coming in four different styles Rekord, Trigon, Rio and Vision. With up to five different sizes and 3 finishes.

Fish Tank, Aquarium, Juwel


Juwel Rio 240 Black Aquarium  in Very Good Used Condition. 


Juwel Rio 125 Aquarium Marine Freshwater Beech 4ft 125 litre Great Condition


Juwel Rio 180 LED Aquarium and Cabinet in White


Juwel aquarium 3ft


juwel aquarium 4ft 200l teak cabinet slight damage,light,lid,filter,fish,heater


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