This Juwel Rekord 800 Aquarium / Fish tank will hold up to 110 litres of water. It is a reasonable starter size for a person looking to start a hobby in fish keeping. It is primarily a cold water fish tank and is of a decent size so that it can hold some cold water freshwater fish without being too big to be unmanageable. It has twin tube T8 lighting and an easy access hood. The filter is integrated into the system and allows easy access to the pump and the media. You can also buy the stand or cabinet as an extra, to go with your aquarium. The price of the aquarium alone is pretty reasonable and will fit well with the décor of most homes. It is also just light enough when full to be supported by most surfaces in the home.

Best Bits

Has to be the size and shape. It is a simple shape and sized just perfectly for a starter. It is not going to be difficult to maintain, but it is also not going to be cruel and small for the fish. It has struck a nice balance for a starter keeper to begin with. It is relatively low maintenance so long as you take care of the pump and filter.

Bad Bits

The design is a little stale and over used, but then if it works it works. Not all the fish tanks have to be award winners in the fancy design category.

The Final Score

Ten out of ten. It is not going to win any design awards, but for a person starting out, it is a good size, it is manageable and it gets the job done. It is the simplest solution to a problem, without all the thrills and sparkle. So, it gets ten out of ten for pragmatism if nothing else.

Key Facts

It comes with a Rekord Duolux light unit which consists of one Juwel tube Daylite T8 fluorescent tube which has a of length 590mm and runs at 18 watts. The other one consists of a one Juwel tube Warmlite T8 fluorescent tube which is also at a length of 590mm and runs at 18 watts.

It comes with a Poly Pad, Carbon Sponge, Nitrate Sponge and Fine Sponge. The pump is the Juwel Bioflow 400 brand and the heater is the Juwel 100 watt heater. It can hold 110 liters or water and its dimensions are 80 x 35 x 45cm external measurements.

Flat Pack Cabinet For Rekord 800 Dark Wood 81x36x73cm


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