The Rio range from Juwel are a traditional rectangle shape, the Trigons are Bow fronted corner aquariums and the Juwel Visons are the same as the Rios just they have a bow front.

The Juwel Rio 180 fish tank can be used for all types of fish keeping from Coldwater and Tropical to Marine. You might of guessed it but in the name the tank holds 180 Litres. So this is a large tank for Tropical fish and just bigger than a nano for marine fish.

The Juwel Rio's feature a corner filter which will come with all the sponge media that you need to get up and running. In the same filter box you will also be able to located the 200W heater that you are given aswell. this keeps everything looking tidy. You get a 600 LPH pump for use with the filter and two pieces of pipe, to use as an exhaust style arrangement to direct the external flow. This is best pointed up so that there's a good gas exchange, as it doesnt push the water that far sideways. The heater is silver and is pretty good but it has no temperature markings on the side so this is trial and error.

If you have an external filter then you can remove the Juwel filter box with a bit of work, its best doing this before its full of water, although it can be done with water in.

Lighting is provided by Juwels own High-Lite light unit including tubes 100cm, 2 x 45 watt. The High-Lite unit sits in the middle of the aquarium with to detachable flaps either side. One also has a slot for the Juwel Automatic Feeder. If your using this for Marine fish then the flaps will get salt creep on them so cleaning regularly will keep them looking tidy.

The cabinet has a bit in the middle for displaying stuff or keeping your food to hand. behind the doors are locations ideal for locating power extensions or external filters.

These are really nice aquariums, the black silicon around the edges finishes the setup off nicely. The quality of the veneer finish on the aquarium is a great match next to the cabinet.

If your looking to buy a Juwel Rio 180 aquarium then watch out with the prices, as some websites just give you a price for the aquarium not including the stand which can soon add £80 / £90 on to the price of the aquarium. The price of the aquarium is usually around £200. So just under £300 will buy you both the fish tank and the stand.

Beech is by far the commonest colour and there for it's commonly seen on ebay and you can usually pick the Juwel Rio 180 up for around £180 for one in excellent condition. If your looking for a black finish then you might pay more secondhand. Also the darker finishes are harder to find readily available in the fish shops.

Aquarium Measurements: 101 x 41 x 50 cm
Cabinet Measurements. 101 x 41 x 73cm