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Juwel Skimmer 3.0 Reviewed

This week we have got our hands on the latest product from Juwel aquariums, the highly anticipated Juwel Skimmer 3.0.

Juwel Skimmer 3.0 Box FrontThe box is pretty big and when you open it up so to is the Juwel Skimmer 3.0 body, but what you need to remember on this one, is that this skimmer will work in aquariums up to 500 litres, so although it’s big it is powerful.

Juwel Skimmer 3.0 Box RearThe Skimmer is powered by one of Juwels own BioFlow pumps which is rated at 1500LPH, when we got the pump out we where quite surprised at how weighty it really is compared to other pumps of similar output. These BioFlow 1500 pumps on there own can retail for up to £55.

You also get a neat housing for the pump to sit in, this is a really simple push fit action to fit the two items together. The pump only uses 20w of electric which doesn’t seem to much and shouldn’t generate a lot of heat.

We were really surprised at how tall the skimmer body was, but with power and larger capacity, has to come size. The build quality on all of the components is exceptional, which is what we’ve come to expect from Juwel.

Excellent Juwel Build Quality

Juwel Skimmer 3.0 Pump Bioflow 1500 & HousingYou even get a pretty big tube of silicon (Black) to attach the Skimmer to the side of your aquarium. And here’s where the first issue arises. Although this sealant is probably aquarium safe, it does in the instructions imply that your doing this to your new tank, so all those owners of fully stocked Juwel aquariums your fresh out of luck.

We know that Juwel had issues with the magnet fitting during the testing phase. But we feel that if they had held on to get this implimented then there would be a larger uptake in current juwel aquarium users purchasing the Juwel Skimmer 3.0  and not just the new market.

Juwel Skimmer 3.0 BodyThe collection cup on the Juwel Skimmer 3.0 is huge so if you don’t have a big bioload on your aquarium then you could be going days even weeks before your empting the skimate collection cup. Theres nothing worse than constantly having to check your collection cup as you fear it might be full.

The Juwel Skimmer 3.0 seems to be retailing for around £129.99 from online retailers and we know that current stock could be limited so if your thinking of getting one then the time is now before they sell out.

Juwel Skimmer 3.0 SealentWould we recommend one of these for a new or used juwel aquarium, yes we would. If your upgrading to a Juwel aquarium and it can be left empty for a while then the Juwel Skimmer 3.0 is a neater and tidey option to a “Hang on the Back Skimmer”. If your struck on buying a new Juwel aquarium then not buying this does seem a bit daft.

What does Juwel need to do next

Aqua One have just started doing it, the all in one marine ready package like the AquaReef range. A snip under £800 will buy you a Aqua One AquaReef 275 which comes ready to go with sump, lighting, return pump, protein skimmer everything. Price up a Juwel Trigon 350 and the Juwel Skimmer 3.0 then your going to be looking at just over £900. Ok Trigons are more expensive and a Rio 240 might see you save £300 but you get so much more expansion with a AquaReef it seems crazy not to go down that route.

iQuatics Universal/Juwel Compatible Flaps – Trigon 350 – 3 Piece Set – Lid/Hood


iQuatics Universal/Juwel Compatible Flaps – Vision 450 3 Piece Set Without Holes


Juwel Skimmer 3.00 Service Set – 54326


Juwel Skimmer 3.00 Service Set (PD230)


iQuatics Universal/Juwel Compatible Flaps – Rio 300 – 3 Piece Set – Lid


iQuatics Universal/Juwel Compatible Flaps – Rio 400 – 3 Piece Set


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