[frame src="http://aquariumsandfishtanks.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Juwel-Skimmer-3.01-300x198.jpg" width="300" height="198" align="left" linkstyle="pp" linksto="http://aquariumsandfishtanks.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Juwel-Skimmer-3.01.jpg" title="Juwel Skimmer 3.0"]The Juwel protein skimmer is due out in April, and will make a welcome investment for Juwel aquarium keepers who are keeping marine fish. The one thing that has been plaguing Juwel aquarium keeps is that you need to buy a hang on the back protein skimmer which makes a nice looking marine setup look very messy, so the internal Juwel Skimmer 3.0 will be a wise investment if you’re looking to keep your Juwel aquarium tidy and with a high water quality.

This will also allow you to expand on a basic marine fish setup.

The Juwel Skimmer 3.0 will sit in the opposite corner to the Juwel internal filter or that corner if you have removed it.  The Juwel Skimmer 3.0 is powered by a 1500 LPH pump, which looking at the pictures looks like one of Juwel’s very own pumps.

The collection cup of the protein skimmer will site above the flaps of the Juwel aquarium. As newer flaps have a push out section for the skimmer. If yours doesn’t then some simple DIY will solve this.

It will attach to your aquarium via a magnetic mounting system. It should retail around £129.99 but it will vary in price online and local stores

Juwel Skimmer 3.0 For Sale!.


iQuatics Universal/Juwel Compatible Flaps - Vision 450 3 Piece Set Without Holes


Juwel Skimmer 3.0 Brand New!


iQuatics Universal/Juwel Compatible Flaps - Rio 400 - 3 Piece Set - Lid


iQuatics Universal/Juwel Compatible Flaps - Trigon 350 - 3 Piece Set - Lid/Hood


iQuatics Universal/Juwel Compatible Flaps - Rio 300 - 3 Piece Set - Lid


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