The Juwel Vio 40 is a nano aquarium which is due to be released before the end of the year.
Juwel Vio 40
Marketed by Juwel as a coldwater or tropical aquarium it is possible that you could go for a small marine setup given that the aquarium holds 40 litres of water although there will be some displacement once live rock is added. The Juwel Vio could be classed as a competitor for the Fluval Edge. The black plastic that surrounds the Juwel Vio 40 will be a high gloss black finish

The Juwel Vio 40 has rounded edges which is complimented by the full LED lighting with 38 separate individual LED’s. It comes with Juwels internal filter system. The Bioflow Mini filter is powered by a 280 LPH pump. The interesting thing about the Bioflow filter is that it attached to either side of the aquarium including the base which would allow you to keep terrapins.

The plastic hood allows for easy access and has an access point for the Juwel automatic feeder.

Unlike all other Juwel aquariums which are made in Germany, this one will be produced in China.

Theres no pricing as of yet but we'd expect that upon release it could be around £150.