The great thing with Nano Reef aquariums such as the Kent Marine Bio Reef, is that all the equipment is hidden in teh back out of sight giving you a pleasant viewing experience.

The name Kent might ring a bell with people who are already looking into getting a new marine aquarium, or have been in the game a while and that because Kent make salt and other marine supplement's.

So they should know a thing or two about what makes a good marine aquarium.

The Kent Marine Bio Reef Aquarium is as its name might suggest a Reef fish tank. So this fish tank is only for marine fish keeping. This Nano tank is pretty similar in style and design to the Interpet River Reef 94 litre.

Kent Marine Bio Reef AquariumAll the nano aquariums seem to retail around the £300 and this is no exception at £290 at most retailers. But it does come with nearly everything you'll need. Heating is provided by a Deltatherm 200w heater. Lighting is delt with via power compact bulbs 1x36w 10,000k Marine white and 1x 36w 0% 10,000k Marine white – 50% Actinic Blue. There are also 6x 1w Marine White LED's and 4x 0.5w Marine Blue LED's.

Theres one 1000 LPH pump that powers the water movement through the rear chambers and a power head at 2000LPH that circulates teh water through the main display part of the tank. the Powerhead comes with a magnetic mount so that it can be placed anywhere in the aquarium. There's also an inbuilt skimmer in the rear chambers which is powered by a 4w pump.

The Kent Marine Bio Reef is 94 litres so it will nicely house a pair of common clowns and 2 other small fish like a Blenny and a Clown Goby. This tank like other Nano Reef Aquariums, features all you need to get going. So its up to you which you choose.

Nano Aquariums can often be found in mint condition for 2nd hand equipment on eBay for a fraction of the price

Tank Dimension: H570mm W450 L510

Kent Marine Bio Reef 94L Aquarium Kit .


Kent Marine Bio Reef Aquarium


Kent Marine Bio-Reef / River Reef 94 Cabinet only Black


Kent Marine Bio Reef Aquarium


Interpet Kent Marine Bio Reef Hood


Kent Marine Bio Reef 94L Aquarium and Cabinet


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