The Orca TL450 has to be one of the most popular Nano Aquariums on the market.

This is due to the fact that it’s pretty much ready to roll as it comes with a UV Light System and Protein Skimmer.  Other aquariums competing for the same marketplace such as the D-D 24G don’t. So this is instantly saving you around £100 in other purchases, at either the time of purchase or at a later date if you’re running on a budget.

Since the Orca TL450 is sold as a reef aquarium, then it’s mainly for use with a Marine setup, so all you need to add is salt water, Live rock and of course fish.

The Orca TL450 has a quad of rear chambers in which all the equipment is hidden, so the main part of the fish tank in view is clutter free.

The rear chambers work from right to left as you look at the front of the Orca TL450. In the first chamber you’re looking at the UV Light and pump, in the 2nd chamber you’ll find the Protein Skimmer, located in the 3rd chamber is the heater and the last chamber is the media chamber. The Internal pump is 19w and pushes out 1200 litres per hour.

When you buy the Orca TL450 you will get some items for this chamber such as Bio Balls, Ceramic Rings and Activated Carbon.

Your Orca TL450 will hold 58 litres, but remember that when you add rock you’ll soon displace this water making the total litreage of water less.
Orca TL450 Aquarium
Lighting is provided by 2 18w T5’s which are 10000k. There are 2 quite cooling fans to keep the lighting cool as its pretty compact.

This nano aquarium is ideal for beginners on a tight budget, who are looking to get a foot hold into the world of marine fish keeping

The Orca TL450 can be bought new for around £130-£140 without a stand, but if you’re looking at a stand to then a Orca TL450 nano can be picked up for just under £200

Tank Dimensions: Tank size: 403W x 484D x 460H(mm)