Orca TL-550 Nano Reef Aquarium is the bigger brother of the Orca TL 450.

Orca TL-550 Nano Reef AquariumThe Orca TL-550 holds 128 litres of water making it one of the bigger nano reef aquariums on the market at the moment.  Its priced at £320 including the stand making it almost double of that its smaller brother the Orca TL 450, but you are getting almost double the water volume as well.

Spec wise the Orca TL-550 is pretty much the same as the TL 450 Protein Skimmer,  UV Sterilizer and heater.  And the complexed filter arrangement at the rear which includes bio-balls, activated carbon and ceramic rings.

The really smart thing the Orca nano aquariums can do is the Lids fancy trick it can slide backwards and then completely drop down the rear of the fish tank allowing total access to main aquarium and filter compartments.

Dimensions Aquarium: 510mm W x 570mm D x 670mm H

Dimensions Cabinet: 510mm W x 570mm D x 700mm H

Since this is a Nano Reef Aquarium its only suitable for marine fish keeping.