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Protein Skimmers

A protein skimmer is mainly to be used in marine aquariums, there’s nothing stopping you using a protein skimmer in a fresh water aquarium but you will see little to no improvement in water quality.

Protein skimmers are a mechanical device that is made to remove protein molecules from water that’s in your marine aquarium. Due to the higher cost of salt water for marine aquariums it makes it viable to keep it as clean as you can by any method within reason.

PROTEIN SKIMMER Including Pump (High Performance)


PROTEIN SKIMMER Including Pump (High Performance)


Fluval Sea EVO Marine Aquarium Tank Kit Reef LED Lights – 52L Protein Skimmer




Aquarium Curved Front Corners 300 Litres / 123cm 4ft With Protein Skimmer


DIY Aquarium Plans; Protein Skimmer, Sump Refugium, Wet Dry Filter


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Your not forced to use a protein skimmer in your marine aquarium but it really will help remove waste from the water and in turn allow you to keep the water in better condition and increase the bio load on your aquarium.

You can get protein skimmers in varying sizes from nano skimmers to ones that hang on the back of your aquarium if you don’t have a sump, to those protein skimmers will directly sit in your sump.

Protein skimmers really range in price from a nano protein skimmer which may cost £50 to a huge protein skimmer that can cost up o £850 and handle an aquarium of 10000 litres with 6 pumps.

There are many makes of protein skimmer on the market today such as Marine Sources, Red Sea, TMC and Deltec.

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