The Red Sea Max 250 is the bigger brother to the 130d and the little brother to the soon to be released red sea max 500.

As you may have guessed it holds 250 litres of water and is the an ideal all in one reef solution, ok so the red sea max 250 is expensive there is no way around saying it at £1300 for a 250 litre aquarium is expensive, even though it comes with a whole host of equipment.

There is a 4 stage filtration to the rear of the Red Sea Max 250, there’s the air injection protein skimmer which was design uniquely for the red sea max 250. And it turns over over 3 times the water volume per hour.

1. Accessory Kit (inlet/outlet ports)
2. 1200 lph circulation pump with adjustable direction outlet
3. Compartment for accessory pump
4. Thermostat controlled heater
5. Mechanical filter sponge
6. Adjustable protein skimmer with a turbo aspiration pump
7. Highly porous ceramic biological filter media
8. Activated carbon chemical filter media
9. Cartridge for fine (water polishing) filter material
10. Sponge bubble trap
11. 2400 lph circulation pump with adjustable outlet

Lighting is dealt with via 234w’s worth of T5 tubes (6 x 39W T5 Linear) and 117w’s 10,000k Actinic, and 8 blue moonlight LED’s, these are all

Feeding is easy via a full length opening flap, need to do some aqua scaping then the entire lift will lift up on a 45oc angle, need to do some filter maintain ace then the lid can be fully lifted up.

As with the red sea max 130d you’ll get the 24hour programmable switch, the waterproof main control panel and of course the power centre.

Dimensions (LxWxH) 960 x 552 x 665 mm (38 x 21 x 26.2”)
Cabinet (LxWxH) 960 x 552 x 800 mm (38 x 21 x 32”)

Don't get us wrong the red sea max 250 is a great aquarium but with the added cost of live rock your easyily looking at another £300 added on to the top of the cost of the tank, and then you'll have the cost of water aswell.

If your really after a marine reef aquarium thats ready to roll then this is a great choice, but 2nd hand red sea max 250 often crop up at around £700 on ebay. Or if your looking for a larger alternative then a Betta Lifespace 1300 would be a good choice. These can be picked up for around £700 and you get the added benifit of having a sump underneath the aquuarium allowing you to place items like heaters and protein skimmers in.

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