The Red Sea Max 500 takes the plug and play reef nano aquariums to a new size and level. The Red Sea Max 500 holds 440 litres of water or 116 Gallons. Which is then topped up by the 40 litres that the sump holds so in total 500 litres.

[frame src="" width="207" height="250" align="left" linkstyle="pp" linksto="" title="Red Sea Max 500"]The sump has 3 separate areas which is ideal for uprated protein skimmers, cheato and deep sand beds. The standard C Skim 1800 protein skimmer is located in the sump compared to the red sea max 130d where its located in the rear. Also the 300w heater is placed in the sump.

Theres 3 pumps in the Red Sea Max 500, your pump in the sump is a 9,000 LPH and then two additional pumps which will bring your total LPH up to around 12,000 LPH.

Lighting is dealt by over 540 watts of power. 5X 54 x 10k and 5x54 actinic. The Red Sea Max 500 lights can be controlled via two timers which are located within the aquarium.

Also high clarity glass has been used which enhances your corals and marine fish a great deal.

You'll probably need to spend £300 - £500 on live rock dependant on local pricing. Also dont forget your going to need to fill it with water, so you could buy pre mixed salted water from your local fish shop, which would more than likely cost around £125, so on top of the price for the aquarium there are other costs. you could always by an RO Filter to make your own RO water and then a bucket of salt. But this will take more effort on your behalf.

The Red Sea Max 500 could be made really nice with loads of brightly coloured corals and some stunning fish such as flame angels and regal tangs

You can expect to be paying around £3,000 when the Red Sea Max 500 comes out in 2011. Suitable for marine fish keeping only. But if you've got a nice budget and looking for something with all the equipment thats ready to go, then the Red Sea Max 500 is for you.