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Red Sea Max

To keep things simple Red Sea Max only do 3 marine aquariums the Red Sea Max 130d and the Red Sea Max 250. they both come with three colour finishes Black, White and Silver. In our opinion Black looks best.

Although Red Sea Max aquariums might be slightly more expensive than your standard marine aquarium, they are ready to go and are full of high quality equipment like protein skimmers and programable lighting.

Red Sea Max aquariums really are the Rolls Royce of marine aquariums, so if you have enough cash laying around take a look below at our reviews of the Red Sea Max aquarium range.

Red Sea Max 250


Red Sea max nano white cabinet


Red Sea Max 250


Red Sea Max 250 In White, Pump And BARGAIN Plug And Play


Red Sea Nano Max Aquarium, 75 Litres


Red Sea Max E-Series Complete Plug and Play – Reefer 250 Deluxe Aquarium – Immac


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