Everyone will have seen a biOrb aquarium as they are so stylish and trendy every Pets At Home stocks them and most other fish shop retailers do to.

biOrb 105 Black We are going to say this first as we feel its super important. We don’t feel that its necessary to buy the biOrb Marine Conversion kit. If you buy some good quality live rock and pre mixed salt water. Most fish shops will sell pre mixed salt water for around £1 per gallon and for the biOrb 105 you’ll probably only needs around 10Kg of live rock.
This is just an alternative to purchasing the biOrb Marine Conversion kit.

The biOrb 105 as suggested holds 105 litres of water so it’s ideal for all types of fish keeping. It’s claimed that all you need to do is change the internal filter cartridge monthly and water will be kept clear and everything will be ok. The biOrb 105 comes in 2 colours Silver and black, and is usually priced at around £230 as a cold water setup, if you want to buy the stand as well as the biOrb 105 aquariums then you can add at least another £100.biorb 105 silver

The biOrb has its own unique heater which is usually around £17 and you can ever choose different types of lighting from LED to Halogen. Pimp your aquarium springs to mind. If done right biOrb’s can look wicked.

The biOrb range has a huge range of accessories from volcano decorations to mutli coloured swap tops.



Biorb Life 15 Litre Aquarium Fish Tank - Black With Standard LED Light


BiOrb Aquarium Stand Silver


BiOrb Aquarium Stand Silver


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