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Reef One are the makers of the hugely popular biOrb range of aquariums. If you haven’t heard Reef One also do other designer aquariums such the biOrb Life Collection, biUbes and the very latest biOrb FLOW aquariums.

There’s a full range of extras available for your Reef One aquarium from coloured tops to colour changing light bulbs and acrylic plants. You can have a fully customisable aquarium in ready to go in under 1 day.

You not limited to the type of fish keeping with a Reef One aquarium as they are all cold water ready and by adding a small and simple heater you are now ready to keep tropical fish. If you have some knowledge of Marine fish keeping then you can soon adapt your Reef One Aquarium to keep marine fish, if your not that knowledgeable then Reef One also sell a hand conversion kit for a range of their aquariums.

Bio Orb Reef One Tank


Bi Orb Reef One Fish Tank




bio orb fish tank biorb life biube reef one white 45L


Aqua One Reef 400 litres aquarium/fish tank in black


Aqua Reef One 300 Full Set Up But No Lighting


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