General notes:

A ‘micro fish tank’ that is designed to fit into the smallest space in the home or in the office, small enough to fit into a bookshelf or on the desk it represents a stylish alternative to the traditional glass bowl. In concept its quite Scandinavian in style, like it’s big brother the biOrb FLOW 30, this comes ready to use and in two colours – white or black.

What we liked:

Here is a unit that contains everything you might want and the box weighs slightly more than two bags of sugar so portability from store to home is easy. Complete with LED lighting, a bag of media, air stone pump, transformer and even some fish food it is the ideal starter kit for anyone taking that first step into aquatics

What didn’t we like?

They say size isn’t everything but once you get to like the ‘biOrb 15’ you might soon wish you had bought a bigger one – and in aquatics size IS everything.  The 15 Litres is way too small for more than a couple of tiny fish (maybe a single ‘Betta’, some ‘ghost’ shrimps and a couple of snails. The ‘biOrb 15’ is also rather over-priced when compared to its rivals

Where does it score on the ‘top ten’?

  • From the perspective of ease of use it scores top marks – pick it up in store take it home fill it and plug it in and ‘Hey presto’ you are on your way; 10 / 10.
  • In terms of usability – again a high mark as it is straight out of the box – all you need is some plant life and a couple of (small) fish and you are off – 10/10.
  • However, against the big plusses there are some negatives:
  • Size 4/10; too small for the serious fish lover and at 3 gallons is on the edge of being a decorative rather than functional tank.
  • Price: at between £75 and £85 on the web it seems over priced 3/30.

Overall impressions – 6/10.

Key facts and features:

  • Overall dimensions –  Tank; 0.3m x 0.28m x 0.32m
  • Holds 15litres (just over 3 gallons)
  • C/w filter, LED lighting, pump, water conditioner and full instructions (important for the beginner)
  • Available in – Black or white
  • Optional extras: 50W mains voltage heater and stand, glass thermometer and a sample of tropical fish food