The Rena Aqualife 150 is the little brother of the Rena Aqualife 250 Panoramic. The Aqualife 150 is again a bow fronted aquarium much like the Juwel Vision range.

This is a ready to go tropical aquarium and I suppose coldwater as you wouldn’t use the heater, although you could use this fish tank as a marine setup. It comes with an external Rena Filstar XP 1050L/h and the 200w heater.

The 200w Rena Heater is computer calibrated for accurate temperature control and itwill only raise your tank temperature by 1 degree at a time. Also the 500 micron solid silver contacts eliminates contact welding causing weak points.

Dimensions: length 101cm x width 44.5cm x height 47.5cm

Rena Aqualife 150
Other equipment included:
• Reflective composite cover
• Feeding trap
• Bottom doubled with plywood and thermic isolation
• Aluminium lighting system
• Rena Fishkeeping guide
• Polished and bevelled edges
• Jointed with black silicone

The Rena Aqualife 150 Panoramic holds 180 litres of water and costs in the region of  £600 online, be assured this is alot of money for an aquarium that has a capacity of 180 litres, you can buy a Juwel Rio 180 for half the price at £300. So if your looking at setting up a marine aquarium this will buy most of your live rock and some basic stock, Compared to tropicals this would buy everything you need.