Rena aquariums are the best of the best, and this is reflected in the price, you might think though well I'm only buying an aquarium how much difference can there be between 2 different aquariums.

The Rena Aqualife 250 Panoramic holds 340 litres, so although it could be used for keeping coldwater it might be slightly wasted on Goldie. If your keeping big tropical fish then the bigger the tank the better. Also the Rena Aqualife 250 will happily stock marine fish with the appropriate additions of the usual Live Rock and so forth. The Rena aquariums are jointed with black silicon which really gives them a classy look. Also this fish tank has a bowed front.
Rena Aqualife Parorama
You'll get a Rena External filter (Filstar P 1050L/H) which handles just over 1000 liters of water per hour. Its easy to use with its self prime feature and comes complete with all connections and media needed.

There's a branded Rena heater of 200w which is state of the art as its computer calibrated allowing it to heat the water 1 degree at a time.

Extra Items

• Reflective composite cover
• Bottom doubled with plywood and thermic isolation
• Aluminium lighting system
• Polished and bevelled edges
• Jointed with black silicone
• Feeding trap
• Rena Fishkeeping guide

The Rena Aqualife 250 Panoramic retails for just under £1000, which is expensive for a 340 litre aquarium, but if moneys no object then no worries, but there are other aquariums out there that are just as good Like the Juwel Vision 450 which is £200 less and holds 100 litres more.

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