The Spongebob Aquarium Kit By Penn Plax is ideal for children who  would like to keep a few smaller cold water fish. These are plastic aquariums so in a way child friendly.

Spongebob Aquarium Kit By Penn PlaxTheres a clear flap in the hood where food can be dropped through for feeding and ventilationg is also delt with via vents in the hood.

The Spongebob Aquarium Kit By Penn Plax comes with an air pump, filter, plastic plants ands a spongebob ornament and gravel.

Priced at £32 online you really are paying for the name of Spongebob Square Pants, but it isnt a bad peice of kit for a little child who is interested in fish keeping.

Tank diemensons : 37cm long x 23cm wide x 24cm deep

If your looking to get a Spongebob themed aquarium, then worriy not as you can get loads of cool Spongebob ornaments including the Crabshack, Squidwards Home and Spongebob's own, Pineapple home. There are also figureanes available.

If your looking for a childrens aquarium that is slightly more grown up but still different then have a look at Reef One who manufacture the biOrb.

Sponge Bob Square Pants' Square Fish Tank - Complete Aquarium Kit


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