Ok so You probably haven’t heard of SunSun aquariums, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be ruled out.

SunSun are well known for their cheaper powerheads that have the style of the Koralia Powerheads, anyway let’s have a look at their aquariums.
SunSun aquarium
Its pretty hard to find out any information on SunSun aquariums in the UK as they are a Chinese based company. But with some Help from All Pond Solutions who stock them we’ve managed to bring you some nice pictures and great info.

We are looking at the 400 litre tank version which is 120cm in length. They only come in a high gloss white finish which really makes them stand out to start off with and they have that lovely looking frame around them which has really grown on us here. The frame also has a brilliant feature in that the sides and rear can be covered up with Black metal panelling ideal, if you’re new SunSun aquarium needs to have one of its sides facing a window or an area where things may get knocked on to the tank. The aquarium comes complete with all the pipe work needed.

These tanks come with T8 (30wx4) lighting which can easily be removed and be upgraded to a metal Halide style.

One thing that you might notice is little blue screen on the right hand side of the aquarium well this is a touch screen panel which allows you to turn the lighting  on and off and any other electrical item in the aquarium.

The sump underneath the aquarium holds 120 litres of water and measures Sump dimensions; Width; 38cm, Height; 38cm, Length; 91cm.  It comes complete with a 2000 LPH return pump and has 4 sections.

Tank Dimensions; 1200 x 600 x 750 mm
Cabinet dimensions; 1200 x 600 x 760 mm

The 400 litre SunSun marine aquarium can be picked up from all pond solutions for £749, which is a good prices for such a nice setup.

If you’re looking at starting out in marine fish keeping then you could be up and going for just under £900 / £1000 if your needing to buy live rock and water.

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