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sun sun aquariums are a little know company in the UK, but are a massive manufacturing company over in China. Most sun sun aquariums aren’t often branded as a “sun sun aquarium” so it’s hard to know if you’re buying one or not.

Although it’s hard to find sun sun aquariums and any information on them, this doesn’t mean that they should be ruled out of your aquarium purchase.

sun sun aquariums offer value for money and a good spec as standard with a high quality finish.

They are usually priced just below the big brand names for aquarium sizes which makes them an ideal purchase.

There is a whole range of sun sun aquariums from the more traditional rectangle fish tank, to bullet shaped aquariums which have one rounded size. They also do a great oval aquarium which does stand out in your living room. So before going with a well known UK aquarium supplier take a look a the wide range of sun sun aquariums.

SunSun High Gloss White fish Tank aquarium With Controller


300L Bow front Mahogany fish tank, 4ft full set up SunSun £250- £300


Hr-380 Aquarium 29 L Sunsun 38 26 40 cm Set Led Light Pump Filter Lid


At-350 Aquarium 17 L Sunsun 35 21 29 cm C / LED Light Pump Lid Soft Touch


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