The SpyOrb is the latest in the biOrb range, and in honest its bit of an oddball aquarium although it looks very designer. As you can see from the picture your viewing is limited to a circle of viewing, which in honesty defeats the purpose of an aquarium as you want to view it all not just a small proportion of it, all the SpyOrb is unique.

biOrb SpyorbThe SpyOrb’s come in White, Black and Silver, the lids and bases match. Your SpyOrb will come with the usual internal filter and ceramic media 900g, air pump and Halogen lighting unit (10w). You can get an LED version but this is an optional extra.

The biOrb SpyOrb has a water capacity of 30 litres so ideal for coldwater fish and tropical’s. In honesty we’d avoid this aquarium and get one of the other biOrbs.

SpyOrb’s retail for around for around £100 on varying online retailers.