This is the second of the TMC range of Micro Habitat aquariums. Although its claimed to be a planted aquarium IE no fish, since you get a heater with it you could probably get away with 1 small tropical fish in the TMC AquaGro Micro Habitat.

The TMC AquaGro Micro Habitat can be picked up for just under or just over £60 online depending where you choose to purchase from. It's quite similar to its bigger brother the TMC MicroHabitat 15.  Again the TMC AquaGro Micro Habitat is a pretty class looking and spec piece of equipement and would easily be classed as a designer aquarium.

All the filteration is done at the rear of the fish tank out of sight, this is also where the heater is located. you get al the filteration media that you need when you buy the fish tank.

If you wanted to go fishless then you could always opt for some fresh water shrimps like Bee or Crystal shrimps.

The TMC AquaGro Micro Habitat Nano Aquarium is made from acrylic which is super high quality and gives it a lovely looking finish.