The TMC V2 Skim 120 Nano Skimmer is a Protein Skimmer for nano aquariums such as the D-D 24g Nano Cube Aquarium and The Interpet River Reef.

The TMC V2 Skim 120 Skimmer is ready to go as it comes  with everything you need from pump to mounting kit. We've tested the TMC V2 Skim 120 in a D-D 24g Nano Cube Aquarium, in the first chamber and it works well although its tricky keeping the water level high enough but its pretty easy once you know how.

We did have a few issues with our TMC V2 Skim 120 Skimmer at first as we couldn't get it producing any bubbles we completely stripped it down to its bare components and this seemed to solve the issue. We have also modded our TMC V2 Skim 120 Nano Skimmer by lengthening the air inlet hose by drilling out the original nipple and then attaching some standard aquarium airline to the pump and have about 8 left coming out of the top of the skimmer this allows you to place a outer syringe casing on to the hose and with some ladies tights placed in, it muffles the gurgling sound nicely.

The TMC V2 Skim 120 Nano Skimmer is a nice little skimmer although we have had issues trying to get a dryer skimate from it. Its suitable to be fitted up to any aquarium that holds upto 120 litres of water.

If your looking to buy a TMC V2 Skim 120 Nano then your looking at spending around £50 from varying online retailers.