The ViaAqua VA620 aquarium is great for people who might be afraid of putting there hands in the aquarium or for those that like the simple life with no mess. The filtration is all built into the hood, so to clean it all you need to do is turn the up off, lift up the flap and remove the media cartridges.
ViaAqua VA620 Aquarium
The ViaAqua VA620 is suitable for all types of fish keeping from marine to coldwater, holding just over 90 litres of water, this is a cracking little tank, which can be found for as little as £112 online although this doesn't include a stand if you want the stand then you can be looking at another £70/ £80.

Although you can keep marine fish in the ViaAqua VA620, there are a few things missing that you might want to buy straight away or add at a later date, such as a protein skimmer and small UV sterilizer, an extra power head would help water circulation as well and help keep a good water movement on the waters surface.

This is a ready to roll aquarium for coldwater and tropicals. But its worth thinking about marines, if your feeling confident. As you'll easily house 2 Common Clowns and a few other small fish, with Tropicals you pretty much open to a wide variety of fish.