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Reef One have just released one of their latest designer aquariums the biOrb FLOW. Everything you need to setup your biOrb FLOW is included in the box which makes things really easy for you. Ok whats in the box: 12v LED light, 900g of ceramic media, Air stone, Filter Cartridge, 12v transformer, Low voltage air pump, Water conditioner and beneficial bacteria liquid, Fish food, Instructions.

biOrb FLOWOk so it’s coldwater ready but you can buy the optional extra biOrb 50w heater which will turn this in to a tropical fish tank.

After the hit of the TMC MicroHabitat 15 it’s only natural that eventually it will get a competitor and that is the biOrb FLOW, as both aquariums mentioned hold 15 litres of water making them ideal for small fish and shrimps. Due to the small size this designer aquarium can go pretty much anywhere in your home or office.

The biOrb FLOW has a stunning design as it has 1 piece of acrylic going from top to bottom and around the back in a letter C style shape. It’s currently only available in Black or White and retails for £89.94 on Reef Ones Site.

Theres not much information out on the net about the biOrb FLOW or have we seen them in any local shops.

Been slightly cheaper than the TMC MicroHabitat 15 more people might opt for the biOrb FLOW, but the TMC MicroHabitat 15 is a marine based system, so its horses for courses.

We’ll leave the choice up to you

Biorb Flow 30L Aquarium – White


Biorb Flow Fishtank 30 Litres With led light, pump, filter and Accessories


Biorb Flow 15 30 MCR LED Colour Change Black White Aquarium Fish Tank


Biorb Flow 30L Aquarium Converted To Use Standard Filter + Heater




BiOrb FLOW 15 Aquarium Fish Tank MCR LED – Black


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